Whisky and Shrub Cocktails Are Perfect For Summer Sipping

If you want the taste of summer to last, make some shrubs—a mixture of fruit, sugar, and vinegar. In addition to being a way to preserve fresh summer flavors, shrubs also complement whisky. “They add a light, refreshing component to a cocktail,” says Trent O’Connor, partner of Whisky Neat bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “The sweetness of the shrub is a great balance with the bold spirit.” Try these shrub recipes with whisky, other spirits, or even mixers like soda and lemonade.

4 Shrub and Whisky Cocktails to Try

The Western Rim: A blackberry-peppercorn shrub combines with prosecco, lemon juice, bourbon, and mint for a crisp and refreshing sip.

Get the Recipe: The Western Rim

Shōga Koshō: Add some heat to your whiskey ginger with this cocktail that incorporates a Thai Chile shrub.

Get the Recipe: Shōga Koshō

My Shrub’Rona: This cocktail is summer in a glass thanks to a pineapple-mint shrub and Licor 43, making it approachable even for non-whisky drinkers.

Get the Recipe: My Shrub’Rona

Plum and Mr. Rye: A zesty twist on a Whiskey Smash, this drink mixes rye whiskey with a plum shrub, lemon juice, and bitters.

Get the Recipe: Plum and Mr. Rye

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