Freshen Up Your Whisky Cocktail Using Crisp, Green Herbs

The rebirth of our herb gardens lends whiskey cocktails a fresh and vibrant spin that neatly fills the void between fireside Manhattans and summer’s whisky Highballs. “Adding herbs in whisky cocktails is a great way to accentuate many of the other elements, like citrus, bitters, and sugar,” says Kaitlin Ryan, bartender at PABU Izakaya in San Francisco. In her words, these drinks are “a bouquet of flavor in a glass.”

Country Club Smash

Coconut water and fresh mint give an island spin to the classic Whiskey Smash.

Get the Recipe: Country Club Smash

Thyme After Time

Balance out peaty scotch with thyme and herbal bitters.

Get the Recipe: Thyme After Time

Kumamoto Sour

Frothy and refreshing, this cocktail uses the fresh, aromatic tones of basil to its advantage.

Get the Recipe: Kumamoto Smash

Rose-Colored Thai

Bourbon complements cilantro, mint, and lime in this soft and silky drink.

Get the Recipe: Rose-Colored Thai

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