Pie-Inspired Whisky Cocktails Make A Perfect Dessert

It’s officially pie season—when we highlight the best flavors of fall by mixing fruits or nuts with spices and baking it all between buttery, flaky crusts. These same flavors work surprisingly well mixed with whisky and served in a glass.

“The flavors from pies are great inspirations for drinks such as the Old-Fashioned because bourbon extracts a lot of nuances from the wood barrels, such as spice notes, vanilla, caramel, and dried fruits,” says Pamela Wiznitzer, creative director at New York City’s Seamstress bar.

Here, four popular pies—apple crumb, pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato—inspire cocktails that are balanced, never sweet, to grace your dinner table—no fork required.

Carya Fashioned: Pecan Pie

The sweet nuttiness of this rye-based drink is enhanced with a homemade pecan syrup.

Get the Recipe: Carya Fashioned

Breakers Roar: Apple Crumb

Cold brew coffee gives this apple-inspired drink an additional kick.

Get the Recipe: Breakers Roar

One Before the Couch: Pumpkin Pie

Forget the fruit cake and focus on the fruity flavors at play here.

Get the Recipe: One Before the Couch

Sweet Old Fashioned: Sweet Potato

An Old Fashioned with a twist straight out of grandma’s kitchen.

Get the Recipe: Sweet Old-Fashioned

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