Beat the Cold with Hot Whisky Cocktails

You’ve probably enjoyed your whisky on the rocks and neat. Now prepare to turn up the heat. These top bartenders combine whisky with hot tea, coffee, or cider, often laced with spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, to create inventive whisky cocktails that know how to get the job done. Whether battling a blizzard or just a sniffle, these warm whisky drinks are at your service.

Tea for Two

Get the Recipe: Rye Chai

Amaro whipped cream and a dark chocolate garnish make this cocktail an irresistible treat.

Breathe It In

Get the Recipe: The Loretto Cure All

With notes of lemon, ginger, and honey rounding out a bold bourbon, this is a must-drink antidote to the winter chills.

A Cider Side

Get the Recipe: Harvest Time

Apple cider and peaty scotch combine for the ultimate cold-weather cocktail.

Flavor Overload

Get the Recipe: OTT Irish Coffee

Topped with orange-spiked cream and toasted marshmallows, this drink warms you up like a cozy sweater.

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