6 Fruity Whiskey Cocktails for Summer

Sweet summertime—it’s sweet for a reason, thanks to the bounty of fruit ripening on trees, shrubs, and bushes. While many whiskey cocktails play up the spicy flavors derived from barrel maturation, summer is a time to discover the spirit’s sweet and fruity notes. And what better way to make the most of your farmers’ market’s offerings than by enjoying a cocktail or two? Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite whiskey-based, fruit-enhanced cocktail recipes, perfect for front-porch sitting or lounging by the pool.

Fruity Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

A long tall sipper with the tart-sweet flavors of blackberries and lemons, this drink gets a pop of fizz from a splash of sparkling wine.

Strawberry Patch Smash

Strawberry jam is an excellent shortcut for adding concentrated berry flavor into this refreshing bourbon-based cocktail.

Watermelon Sling

Juicy sweet watermelon tempers the fire of white whiskey in this deceptively simple cocktail.

Whiskey Mulberry Shrub

A hit of sourness from vinegar gives this fruity cocktail extra zing.

Southern Peach Cocktail

What’s better than a fresh-from-the-tree ripe peach? A bourbon cocktail that combines peaches and sweet tea for a refreshing afternoon drink.


Make enough for a crowd with this large-scale, fruit-packed punch that includes grilled peaches.

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