Colin Gordon: Charting A Course At Ardbeg

In case you missed it: On June 4, Ardbeg distillery manager Colin Gordon joined #TasteWithSpace to discuss all things Ardbeg, including Ardbeg Day—celebrated last week during Fèis Ìl, Islay’s Festival of Music and Malt—and new releases. Gordon and associate editor Ted Simmons kicked things off by tasting Scorch, Ardbeg’s Fèis Ìle/Ardbeg Day release that was inspired by the myth of an Islay dragon, and matured in heavily charred bourbon barrels.

Gordon joined Ardbeg last October, coming over from another Islay distillery, Lagavulin. He spoke with Simmons about the transition and the projects at hand, including the recent completion of Ardbeg’s new stillhouse at the centuries-old site. He also fielded questions from Ardbeg fans, including what his favorite Ardbeg Day release is—a tough call, but 2016’s Dark Cove won out—and which whisky he drank to celebrate the victorious (and unexpected) win by his football team, St. Johnstone F.C., at the Scottish Cup Double. Check out Whisky Advocate’s Instagram page to watch the full interview, and tune in on June 25 when O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co.’s Brian Nation will join #TasteWithSpace.

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