Tracie Franklin: Taking Her Passion for Whiskey on the Road

In case you missed it: On September 3, Tracie Franklin joined Whisky Advocate’s Instagram Live series #TasteWithSpace to talk about her ongoing apprenticeship within the Nearest and Jack Advancement Initiative, which is a program that aims to increase diversity in the American whiskey industry. During the conversation, Franklin took Whisky Advocate associate editor Ted Simmons on a virtual tour of the new Uncle Nearest Distillery in Shelbyville, Tennessee, which opened to the public on June 19. The pair also sipped on the recently released Uncle Nearest Master Blend Edition, available exclusively at the distillery.

An ardent whisky fan, Franklin has long been entrenched in the whisky world, working as a brand ambassador for Glenfiddich, as well as in a behind-the-scenes capacity for whiskies like Ardbeg and Angel’s Envy, among others. In October 2020, however, her career trajectory changed entirely when she was named an apprentice for the Nearest and Jack Advancement Initiative, which has her on a years-long training journey to become a master distiller. She shared her experience thus far, and also discussed what’s happening at the newly unveiled Nearest Green Distillery. Head to Whisky Advocate’s Instagram page to watch the full interview.

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