Richard Paterson: Leaning Into Luxury Scotch

In case you missed it: On September 24, master blender Richard Paterson of Whyte & Mackay joined Whisky Advocate’s Instagram Live series #TasteWithSpace to discuss his ongoing work with Dalmore, the jewel of the Whyte & Mackay portfolio, and how it’s staying ahead of the competition. Throughout the conversation, Paterson tasted through Dalmore’s 12 year old Sherry Cask Select, King Alexander, and 30 year old whiskies.

Paterson—whose ties to whisky can be traced back to when he was just 8 years old—had a wealth of stories to share, shedding light on the moments that have shaped his career. He also provided insight on how best to taste whisky, and what sets luxury whiskies, like Dalmore, apart from the rest. While Dalmore 12 year old Sherry Cask Select and King Alexander both stand as extravagant scotch whiskies in their own right, Paterson told viewers to grab a bottle of the 30 year old if they see it, given that it’s among the brand’s most luxurious newer releases. Head to Whisky Advocate’s Instagram page to watch the full interview with associate editor Ted Simmons.

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