7 Essential Items for a Whisky Tasting

Planning a whisky tasting is sure to lead to some questions, such as which style of whisky to choose, whether or not to taste blind, or how to guide your club through the tasting itself. Fortunately, the actual setup of a tasting is fairly simple. Beyond a selection of whiskies and your carefully selected glass, you don’t need much else to begin tasting. However, a few other basics can optimize and streamline your experience. Here’s how we set our tasting table at Whisky Advocate.

How to Use Your Tasting Tools

Swirl About
Select a glass that is comfortable and functional for you. It’s a good idea to practice swirling using just water. You can do the same to practice spitting.

Pour Through It
Keep plenty of bottled or filtered water on the table to keep you well hydrated and refresh your palate.

Just Add Water
An eye dropper or a glass pipette make judicious dilution a breeze.

Waste Some Whisky
A dump bucket is important for emptying your glass of excess whisky or water following a quick rinse.

Drive It Home
2 oz. glass bottles, which can be purchased on Amazon and elsewhere, are the perfect way to take a whisky home with you to sample later or share with a friend.

Make Your Mark
Keep things straight by labeling glasses and bottles with Eparé wine glass markers.

Take Note
Keep a whisky journal with your tasting notes and scores.

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