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Finishes & Blends Add Unique Complexities

Aficionados crave the latest and most innovative ways of creating flavorful whiskies. Lately, that has meant experimental finishes and skillful blending techniques.  The idea of “finishing” whiskey began in Scotland around 1983 when distilleries started taking well-aged scotch and putting it into sherry butts for additional maturation, imparting lovely sherry notes into the whisky. More recently, the practice is utilized by distilleries in Ireland, Japan, and especially America, where purveyors are using different char levels, “toasting,” and the addition of unique barrel staves. Blending is another way distilleries have found to be au courant, with many adopting the Japanese practice of intensely layering different casks and finishes to create a harmonious final product.

Maker’s Mark 46®
Cherries, plums, caramel, cocoa powder, and toasted tobacco | 47%

Basil Hayden® Toast
Toasted oak, dried fruit, vanilla, and caramelized sugar | 40%

Legent® Bourbon
Spice and fruity from the sherry casks. Red-wine casks add tartness | 47%

Laphroaig® Quarter Cask
Hints of coconut, banana and vanilla, with seaside, smoky peat | 48% 

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