7 Great Whisky Journals to Log Every Dram

You may be far removed from the lecture hall when you sit down to sip a fine whisky, but don’t underestimate the power of good note taking. Writing down your thoughts, however brief, will help you recall your impressions of a certain dram later on, and serve as a resource to consult at a later date. Master distillers and blenders are on top of their record keeping and you should be too. Use one of these pocket notebooks to keep the memories of whiskies tasted near to your heart.

Never Miss A Note of Your Whisky

Rekonect Magnetic Notebook—$30

The analog notebook gets a modern twist here with pages that are bound magnetically, making them easy to remove, return, and insert as you please. Organize your notes by producer even if you aren’t tasting them all at the same time.

Hardcover A5 Notebook—$20

Express yourself beyond what’s jotted inside with this series of notebooks that come in 17 different colors. The pages are numbers, with other standard notebook features like a page marker and gusseted pocket making organization all the easier.

Cork Wrapped Journal—$17

Uncork a whisky then uncork your notes. This journal is made with sustainably harvested cork from live trees that will grow back to be reharvested once more.

Notes Chelsea Notebook—$125

For the sophisticated taster, this English-made notebook has a lambskin cover and gilt edges and costs the equivalent to a nicely aged bottle of scotch. Personalize it with a monogram or symbol for an extra cost and touch.

Steven Harrington Limited Edition Notebook—$28

Moleskin offers a range of eye-popping limited-edition notebooks, like this one featuring the work of artist Steven Harrington. Other motifs include Star Wars, Harry Potter, David Bowie, and more.

Expedition Notebook—$13/pack of 3

These waterproof notebooks are slim and durable making them perfect for taking your tastings on the road. Slip one into a backpack or coat pocket or both—they come 3 to a set.

Classic Wood Journal—$40

What would whisky be without wood? Take that essential element into your tastings with this handcrafted notebook. The cover is water resistant but not waterproof so beware of spills.

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