This Flask Holds Two Kinds of Whisky At Once

If you like to enjoy a nip or three from your handy hip flask, but sometimes find yourself wishing for more variety, now your dream can be realized. The Macallan has partnered with Swiss watchmaker URWERK to release a flask that will double your whisky delight.

The innovative—and heavily engineered—design features two titanium tanks that can be filled separately. A rotating stainless steel mouthpiece allows you to switch between whiskies seamlessly, while “winglets” pop out so the flask stands up on its own. You can even set up indicators to show the age of the whiskies and type of cask used for aging. The whole thing is excessive for a flask, but then, that’s kind of the point.

Only 500 The Macallan x URWERK Flasks are available, priced at rougly £2,000/$2,440 apiece. If you want one, visit The Macallan’s website. And if you’re looking for a single-whisky flask that’s a bit more wallet-friendly, check out our suggestions here.

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