Wear Your Whiskey With These Jewelry Pieces Made From Bourbon Barrels

Bourbon barrels have been used for all kinds of non-whisky items—including tables and chairs, wall clocks, picture frames, and other home décor. But how about jewelry? Bourbon barrel wood can be inlaid into bracelets, rings, necklaces, and charms, or it can stand alone as a finished wood. Whatever the choice, these baubles can enhance memories of a favorite whisky—or a distillery visit that was part of a special vacation trip.

Try on one of these barrel-inspired accessories

Naturaleza Turquoise Mountain Necklace—$120
Handmade and customizable, the pendant is made from a bourbon barrel.

Johan Whiskey Barrel Charm Bracelet—$159
The barrel-wood charm can be purchased separately or with the bracelet.

Wedgewood Rings Black Ceramic—from $395
Choose the whisky barrel inlay—American, scotch, or Japanese—depending on availability.

Casavir Jewelry Oak Barrel Wood Ring—from $734
Choose from Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, or Wild Turkey barrel wood to complete this made-to-order rose gold ring.

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