Roll the Dice With These Whisky-Themed Games

Sipping whisky with friends can be a fun pastime on its own, but why not make a night of it with whisky-themed board games? Bourbon-accented playing cards, a board battle that pits distiller versus distiller, whisky trivia, and a whisky barrel chess set—check out these game night choices.

Whiskey Business—$40
You and your friends are competing whisky distillers. Roll the dice to gather the ingredients and fill your barrels. The first to make four types of whisky wins.

Test your whisky knowledge with The Whiskey Game from Talking Tables.

Bicycle Bourbon Playing Cards—$7
Shuffle a deck of these vintage-looking playing cards with bourbon accents. Made in Kentucky.

The Whisky Game—$37
Correctly answer the whisky trivia questions to collect the different types of whisky to win.

Bourbon Barrel Chess Set—$5,495
The board is a laser-etched barrel head and the pieces are handcrafted from bourbon barrel staves.

Barrel Head Checker Set—$200
The checkers are cut from the staves of barrels; one set from the charred inside and the other from the outside. The playing board is a barrel head.

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