6 Great Flasks to Transport Your Whisky

A full bottle of whisky is a wonderful thing—until it’s time to slip it into the breast pocket of your suit or cram it into a daypack. That’s where the flask comes in. It makes your favorite potable—more portable! Our favorite flasks are slim yet voluminous, stylish yet rugged. You can discretely palm a good flask like a magician and slide it to a friend with a handshake and a pat on the back. Whether you’re in search of pure utility or long to cradle heirloom quality, there is a flask to suit every whisky lover. Check out our top picks and your well-traveled whisky will always arrive in style.

Be A Flask Master

Filson Vermonter Flask—$325

Hand crafted in copper by Vermont’s Jacob Bromwell, then wrapped for safekeeping in the nearly indestructible Tin Cloth and bridle leather that made Filson famous.

Barbour Hip Flask—$59

Leather trim and the iconic Barbour tartan ensure this flask goes from fly fishing vest to tuxedo with ease. A captive lid means you’ll never lose it mid-sip.

Handsome Hooch Hip Flask by Well Kept—$62

This Austin artisan crafts clever flasks adorned in vegetable-tanned leather with contrasting hand stitching and branded with, among other things, your favorite spirit.

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask—$150

When every ounce counts, go with one of the lightest, strongest metals on earth. Titanium is also highly inert, so it won’t affect the taste of your whisky like plastic or steel.

Liquid Body Flask—$60

Resembling a foil juice pack, this shimmering flask by Brooklyn design group The Principals has a luxe look and streamlined shape that slides effortlessly into a purse or pocket.

Stanley Classic 8 oz.—$25

Classic Americana for the picnic basket or coat pocket, this rugged flask is surprisingly svelte. The attached cap reveals a wide mouth for easy filling—and easy emptying.

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