8 Cocktail Picks For the Stylish Drinker

The cocktail pick serves an important purpose, keeping fingers dry while plucking a plump cherry from a Manhattan or fishing a twist from the depths of an Old-Fashioned. Sure, a wooden toothpick could do the job. But why not impress your guests by spearing some fruit with style? Whether you choose a cheeky plastic pick or a satin sterling silver spike, crafted like fine jewelry, the only thing you’ll wet is your whistle.

Him and Her Pic in sterling silver—$120/pair

The perfect wedding present for your whisky-loving friends who have enough whisky.

Celtic Martini Pick in Pennsylvania cherrywood—$5

Sleek and simple, this wooden pick comes complete with a cultural design.

Kate Spade New York Acrylic Arrows in black or cream—$20/4

For your next cocktail party, add some direction to your drink.

Chateau Antique Key Cocktail Picks by Twine in zinc and stainless steel—$20/4

The key to a great looking cocktail is closer than you’d think.

Branch & Twig Cocktail Pick in brass and nickel—$18/4

Despite the design, these won’t add any extra woodiness to your whiskey.

Laurel Pics in sterling silver—$120/pair

Add some class to your glass with this elegant accessory.

Skull Martini Pick in stainless steel by ROOS—$11/5

If your dram is a bit more rock and roll, grab these skull picks.

Crate and Barrel pick in stainless steel—$7/6

No frills here, just solid, stainless steel stirrers.

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