Heather Greene: Shaking Up American Whiskey

In case you missed it: On July 23, Heather Greene joined #TasteWithSpace to discuss Texas whiskey, ongoing projects at Milam & Greene—the distillery she co-founded with Marsha Milam and Marlene Holmes—and the current climate for women in whisky. Throughout the conversation, associate editor Ted Simmons sipped on Milam & Greene Triple Cask bourbon, which was released in the fall of 2019 and scored well with Whisky Advocate’s tasting panel.

Milam & Greene’s experiments in sourcing, blending, aging, and finishing are focal points of the business. Greene discussed how the distillery explores maturation by aging its whiskeys in different parts of the country. It takes a similar approach to distilling—producing whiskey at its home base in Blanco, Texas and in Kentucky, while also sourcing from Indiana and Tennessee. While Milam & Greene isn’t focused on making state-specific whiskey, it did release its first Texas-certified whiskey last year, and Greene touched on the unique opportunities and challenges that arise from making whiskey in Texas, and how distillers are working to turn the state’s high heat and humidity into an advantage. Head to Whisky Advocate’s Instagram page to watch the full interview and catch today’s special broadcast from Citi Field, where Simmons will be making Highballs at the Beam Bourbon Bar.

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