Be Precise With One of These Sleek Water Droppers

Scientists have recently confirmed what many whisky drinkers already knew: Adding a few drops of water to your glass can make whisky more flavorful. But there’s no need to sully the drinking experience with a cheap medicine dropper. The gold standard in whisky glasses, Glencairn, has even recognized the importance of a trusty water dispenser, releasing their own pipette in 2021. You can now match your dropper to your glass, widening the breadth of whisky accessories available, and proving just how seriously drinkers take their watering calculations.

Whether blown from glass or sculpted from aluminum, these pipettes are an elegant solution for dilution, ideal for the judicious addition of water to fine whisky.

Propper Droppers: Water Your Whiskey With Style

Angels’ Share Loch Ness Monster—$40

Named for the famed Scottish sea creature, and commissioned by the restaurant Fiddlers in Drumnadrochit, this dropper is available in purple and green,

Urban Bar Glass Water Dropper—$10

Made from clear glass with a small five millimeter air hole, this even comes with specific instructions on how best to add water, recommending it be room temperature when possible.

Angels’ Share Pot Still—$33

You can add water to your pot still whiskey with this dropper which features its own little pot still on top. Angels’ Share also has droppers with a thistle and a gold angel featured.

Eisch Gold—$49

Handmade in Germany, this pipette is refined with genuine gold in case you need an easy reference when describing the color of your dram.

Norlan Drave—$48

The name come from the Old Scottish word for “to draw” which is precisely what you’ll do with to your water with this aluminum matte surfaced dropper.

Angels’ Share Everyday—$55 (pack of 10)

Available individually as well ($12), this is a more streamlined design and perfect for your tasting club, where you can debate whether a whisky is better neat or with a splash added.

Glencairn Pipette—$8
Hand-blown and weighted at the top with a miniature Glencairn glass. Available to purchase with a Glaincairn glass ($15) or as a bundle with a glass and water jug ($30).

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