Mobile Apps for Advanced Whisky Drinkers

A cell phone is no glass of whisky, but in terms of handheld comforts, it comes in a close second. Whether you’re looking to locate the dram of your dreams or catalog a growing collection, there’s an app that can make the task easier. We tapped our way to the best. List updated 3/11/2020

Drizly: Place an order for delivery
Order whisky from your couch. Selection depends on how quickly you need the whisky—immediately, that day, or in a few. You’ll pay a small premium for the convenience. In New York, Macallan Sherry Oak 12 arrives to your door for $70, Maker’s Mark for $35. (Available in select U.S. markets.) Free (iOS and Android)

Lush Cocktails: Whip up a whisky cocktail
Discover new cocktails by name, ingredient, flavor, occasion (luckily, even brunch counts as an occasion), or search by recipe type, such as classic drinks. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from, and over 40 include whisky. $1.99 (iOS)

WhiskyFest: Navigate whisky wonderland
Prioritize your whisky hit list, map a route, and post your tasting adventures to social media with ease. Whether you’re in Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, or New York, you’ll have the pour list and seminars at your fingertips. Free (iOS and Android)

Flavordex Tasting Journal: Track your tastings and tastes
Keep a running log of the drams you taste and graph your tasting notes visually with their Flavor Chart, that accounts for the fruit, spice, body, alcohol, sweetness and more of a particular whisky. And if you dabble in multiple beverages, Flavordex has categories preloaded for wine, beer, and coffee as well. Free (Android) 

Distiller: Crowd Source Scores
A comprehensive source for information that compiles user submitted notes and scores and charts flavor profile linearly. Get news from the homepage, build a network of friends, and receive recommendations based on what you like. Free (iOS and Android)

Whisky Suggest: A Scan with a plan
Not sure about that whisky on the shelf? Whisky Suggest lets your scan a barcode, providing tasting information and personalized recommendations. You can browse by flavor, of which they have over 350 to choose from, and track down bottles in your area. Like other apps, there’s a social component that lets you browse tasting notes and scores. Free (iOS and Android)

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