The Best New Way to Shop for Clothes is With Whisky

Even those who dread clothes shopping will be instantly at ease upon entering the swanky Trunk Club New York Clubhouse on Madison Avenue. Rather than packed garment racks and sale signs, the first floor of this Nordstrom-owned clothier looks more like a spacious boutique hotel lobby, complete with a gleaming bar and cognac leather Chesterfield couches. “Would you like a beer or a Macallan?” offers custom sales manager Susannah Howard, adding, “All my guys drink Macallan.” Except, of course, those who instead choose Templeton Rye, Bulleit Bourbon, Brugal Añejo Rum, or a Moscow Mule served in a shiny copper mug.

A new realm of elite clothing retailers is battling for your business with highly personalized service, including some impressive complimentary whisky. With its posh fitting rooms, conceived with design partners like John Varvatos and Billy Reid, kicking back with a whisky at the Clubhouse couldn’t be more removed from the drudgery of late-night clicking through websites. Trunk Club’s custom specialists work with both male and female clients to build wardrobes, including bespoke suits starting at $850. Why settle for shopping online when these stores will satisfy your sartorial cravings—and your thirst?

Four Stores Offering Complimentary Whisky While You Shop

Trunk Club
An upscale clothier serving women and men with wardrobe consultations and custom clothing from their lavish Clubhouses.
You’re buying: bespoke shirts and custom suits.
You’re drinking: Macallan Fine Oak 10 or a cold cocktail. “The most popular cocktail in the Clubhouse, whisky or otherwise, is the Manhattan,” says Michael Keefe, support sales manager.
Locations: Boston; Charleston; Chicago; Dallas; Highland Park, Ill.; Los Angeles; New York City; Washington, D.C.

Commonwealth Proper
A private wardrobe agency offering custom shirts, jackets, and suits, made in the U.S., along with wardrobe editing and personal shopping priced by the hour ($250).
You’re buying: a velvet blazer layered with a houndstooth overcoat.
You’re drinking: Moxie Liquid Courage, a proprietary house whiskey made in Philadelphia; Bulleit Bourbon and Rittenhouse Rye are also featured.
Locations: Atlanta; New York City; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh

Q Clothier | Rye 51
Limited edition casual clothing designed in-house and created in partnership with ethical factories and a focus on family-owned businesses, often featuring organic
cotton knits.
You’re buying: unbranded basics, like denim jackets, fitted polos, and stretch chinos.
You’re drinking: a rotating selection of whisky that spans the U.S., Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and India, with Texas offerings like Herman Marshall and Balcones.
Locations: Atlanta; Dallas; Fort Worth; Houston; Oklahoma City

Alton Lane
A dozen showrooms across the country are outfitted with 3D body scanners that size you up before expert stylists help to design the final garments.
You’re buying: dashing windowpane, plaid, and tweed blazers.
You’re drinking: standards like a Balvenie DoubleWood 12 year old or rotating selections from Glenmorangie and Ardbeg.
Locations: Atlanta; Boston; Charlotte; Charlottesville, Va.; Chicago; Dallas; Nashville; New York City; Richmond; San Francisco; Savannah; Washington, D.C.

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