6 Whisky Glasses That Won’t Break

When it comes to active summertime pursuits, your favorite whisky glass has one fatal flaw—it’s glass. After all, nothing brings an outdoor party to a literal standstill faster than the sound of a smashing glass. These durable whisky vessels are perfectly suited to summer fun. So pour yourself a favorite whisky, maybe topped off with ice and soda, and kick off those shoes with confidence, knowing that your crystal whisky glasses are at home in the cupboard, enjoying a well-deserved vacation of their own.

An Unbreakable Vessel For Every Summer Setting

If you’re at a garden party: Copper Tumbler, $16
Pretty as a new penny, this hand-hammered cup is elegant and durable. Filled with shaved ice for a Julep or some pleasantly clinking cubes, it’s the coolest cup you’ll touch this summer. williams-sonoma.com

If you’re on a fishing boat: Yeti Rambler 10 oz Lowball, $20
Crafted in 18/8 stainless steel, this double-walled tumbler delivers all day long, from coffee to whisky, offering superb insulation and a no-spill lid that won’t waste a drop, even on rough seas. yeti.com

If you’re attending a summer wedding: Sir Jack’s Sterling Silver Tumbler, $795
A contemporary design crafted with traditional silversmithing techniques, this cup features a contrasting gilt lining. Worthy of raising a fine whisky on the wedding day and every day after. sirjacks.com

If you’re going camping: David Rasmussen Design Wood Cocktail Glass, $61
Combining striking design with outdoor functionality, perfect to hoist your Manhatan while glamping—glamorous camping. The FDA-approved finish is easily maintained with a coat of mineral oil. davidrasmussendesign.com

If you’re at a bonfire: Ankole Horn Whisky Tumbler Set–Light, 2 for $75
Queue the cowboy campfire songs while sipping whisky from these real cow-horn tumblers. Lightweight and stackable for easy packing, they come in light or dark hues, and no two are exactly alike. roseandfitzgerald.com

If you’re having a picnic: David Rasmussen Design Smooth Tumbler, $39.50
The smooth American walnut wrap of this ceramic tumbler helps keep drinks cool, while its low stance and heft offer superior stability on uneven ground and resistance to wayward frisbees. davidrasmussendesign.com

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