6 Unforgettable Excursions for Your Whisky Club

Gathering with friends to taste and discuss a flight of drams from around the world may be the best kind of classroom there is. But to truly deepen your appreciation for a whisky, going to the source—taking a field trip to the place where the liquid originated—is unmatched. So rally your club, pack a lunch, and get out there! Just remember to bring a signed permission slip.

Go On A Pub Crawl

A pub crawl may bring to mind stumbling bar-goers donning shamrock gear, but for a group of discriminating whisky fans, a well-organized bar tour can be a great outing. Organizing a crawl of your town’s best whisky-focused establishments is a simple and fun way to shake up your club’s routine.

How To Plan a Pub Crawl for Your Whisky Club

Tackle a Whisky Trail

Touring a whisky trail at home or abroad is a rite of passage for any whisky enthusiast—and like most things, more fun with friends. If planning a whisky trail tour yourself seems too daunting, seek out help from one of many touring companies eager to plan and tailor an excursion to meet your club’s specific goals.

Organize a Group Outing to a Whisky Trail

Make Your Own Whiskey

Making your own whisky—safely and legally—is possible. Several craft distilleries allow consumers to create and distill their own whisky, from designing a mashbill to barreling and bottling. “Anyone can buy a barrel, but if you’re looking to build unique, different, and fun experiences for your members, making your own whiskey from scratch is it,” says Peter Grasso, founder of Monmouth Whisky Club.

Design Your Own Whiskey at These Distilleries

Sleep Over at a Distillery

What could be more convenient when visiting a distillery with your whisky club than spending the night right on the premises? Not only does it relieve you from having to get everyone home after a day of touring and tasting, it also provides a completely immersive distillery experience. Some distilleries are willing to go out of their way to make your group’s stay memorable and comfortable.

Spend the Night at One of These Scenic Whisky Distilleries

Take a Group Outing to WhiskyFest

WhiskyFest is a whisky lover’s paradise, offering hundreds of whiskies from distilleries across every major whisky-producing country—and the perfect event for a whisky club outing. With tastings and seminars led by master distillers, master blenders, and other industry insiders, it’s become an annual excursion for many whisky clubs, large and small, across the nation.

How To Make the Most of WhiskyFest

Pick a Private Barrel

Your whisky club has likely purchased many bottles, but have you considered buying a whole barrel of whisky? It’s easier than you may think and often includes benefits like selecting the barrel with the distillers, personalized labels, and the barrel itself for display.

How To Buy a Barrel for Your Whisky Club

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