Turn Up The Heat With These Spicy Cocktails

When you seek relief from the brutal summer sun, turn up the heat. Drinks that balance spice with refreshment are the perfect way to chill out, and since many styles of whisky are inherently spicy, they’re perfect to combine with little caliente flourishes. For example, “Rye brings some great baking spice and vanilla notes that pair great with chile spice,” says Lenny Heykants, bar manager at El Chingon Mexican Bistro in Denver. And the roasted notes of anything aged in oak match well with jalapeños and poblanos, adds Mike Bender, assistant general manager of Seven Grand Denver. Try these no-sweat recipes and see how cool spice can be.

Rye on Fire

This cocktail starts off citrusy but finishes on a spicy note.

Get The Recipe: Rye On Fire

Suzie Q

The perfect sipper for those who like to dial up the heat a little, but not a lot.

Get The Recipe: Suzie Q

Prince of Passion

Bright and fresh, this cocktail has a jalapeño kick.

Get The Recipe: Prince of Passion

Choco Chili

This chocolate-meets-chile cocktail is more mellow on the spice.

Get The Recipe: Choco Chile

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