Spring 2019 Editors’ Choice: Old Ezra, The Irishman & Game of Thrones Talisker

In each issue of Whisky Advocate, the editors select three whiskies that we consider the most impressive, considering score, price, and availability. For Spring 2019, our Editors’ Choice whiskies come from Kentucky, Ireland, and Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

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Old Ezra 7 year old Barrel Strength Bourbon
93 points, 58.5% ABV, $40

Dripping with butterscotch and marzipan, this is a gorgeous mix of confections and spice. The toasted sweetness of coconut macaroon cookies and graham cracker pie crust meets clove, orange peel, teaberry, and a seductive sandalwood note. A whirlwind of spices grabs hold of the tongue, sinking slowly into creamy nut butters, earthy tannins, and toasted pecan. The persistent sweet caramel and fruit handle generous water without yielding, just revealing ever more flavor. —Jeffery Lindenmuth

The Irishman 12 year old Irish Single Malt, 43%, $75
91 points, 43% ABV, $75

Highly aromatic, with allspice, ground cinnamon, and hints of clove. Behind the spice, there is soft vanilla toffee, creamed coconut, and grapefruit peel. A palate comprised of citrus, peel oils, toffee, red berries, sweet barley, cinnamon, pepper, and star anise transition to a greater emphasis on toffee, hints of chocolate, more maltiness, and a little oak. The finish allows the spices to shine. (6,000 bottles) —Jonny McCormick

Talisker Select Reserve Single Malt Scotch
91 points, 45.8% ABV, $45

This represents House Greyjoy in the Game of Thrones television show and features its kraken. The nose offers damp tweed sprinkled with black pepper, plus smoky vanilla and ozone notes. Sweet smoke and citrus fruit on the palate, then more overt peatiness comes to the fore with soft toffee. Medium in length through the finish, with lingering toffee and light pepper. Great value! —Gavin Smith

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