Midleton Very Rare Sets the Benchmark for Collectible Irish Whiskey

The Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection debuted in 2020 with the oldest single malt Irish whiskey ever released at the time. The second release is even older: a 46 year old single pot still whiskey distilled at the Old Midleton Distillery under master distiller Max Crockett in 1973. The Silent Distillery Collection is changing outmoded perceptions about what Irish whiskey can represent. “It’s wonderful to take our seat at the table with other distilleries around the world,” says master distiller Kevin O’Gorman. “Back in the early 70s, Old Midleton was a very different distillery,” he adds, noting the major upgrades in technology at the new Midleton Distillery. “The huge pot still was powered by coal, it had different distillation rates, and there was a worm tub rather than a condenser. The principle of distillation and attention to detail were the same, but they are two different eras, which results in a completely different taste profile.” This closed-distillery single pot still whiskey has robust aromatic oils on the nose, with rich fruit, vanilla, and toffee, and tastes true to the traditional heavier, oily pot still style.

Collecting Midleton Very Rare

Attaining the complete set of Midleton Very Rare releases is one of the toughest challenges for Irish whiskey collectors. While this annual series of blended Irish whiskey began in 1984, the release volumes vary from year to year, making some vintages very difficult to acquire. Such is the level of interest that new auction records are frequently broken before too long. Here are the Midleton Very Rare vintages that have set record hammer prices for their respective decade of release.

Release Decade Highest Hammer Price Bottling Auction House Sale Date
1980s $36,286 Midleton Very Rare 1988 Irish Whiskey Auctions March 21, 2021
1990s $3,584 Midleton Very Rare 1991 Irish Whiskey Auctions Nov. 30, 2020
2000s $7,282 Midleton Very Rare 2009 Irish Whiskey Auctions Feb. 21, 2021
2010s $1,790 Midleton Very Rare 2014 Irish Whiskey Auctions March 21, 2021
2020s $1,318 Midleton Very Rare 2020 Whisky Auctioneer Jan. 11, 2021

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