Fall 2022: Scotland’s Bounty

Discover Scotland’s many wonders with our Fall 2022 issue. We take you through the scotch regions, and explain the flavor differences from each, celebrate Scotland’s famed golf courses, and recommend great hotels and distillery restaurants for the traveling whisky lover. Elsewhere, we take a trip up to New England for some fall scenery and great whiskey, and spend 48 hours in Las Vegas. Plus, the Buying Guide has over 125 new reviews.

Summer 2022: Great Escapes for Whisky Lovers

Make your next vacation whisky-themed with our Summer 2022 issue. We offer up 10 scenic destinations to visit, all of them offering great whisky options, as well as the guides to the growing whisky scenes in Colorado and Northern California’s wine country. Elsewhere, we explore the hallowed ground of St Andrews, survey the very best in American single malts, and help you elevate your bourbon and burger pairings. Plus, the Buying Guide has over 100 whisky reviews.

Spring 2022: The Pleasures of Rye

Discover the vast pleasures of rye whiskey with our Spring 2022 issue, which looks at the style’s rich past and bright future. We offer rye recommendations for any budget and expand on cocktail classics with new and delicious creations. Elsewhere, we take you to Tennessee and Philadelphia to explore the thriving whisky scenes and mix up some Derby Day appropriate drinks. Plus, the Buying Guide has over 95 new whisky reviews.

Winter 2021: Top 20 & More

Celebrate a year of great whisky with our Winter 2021 issue, which includes the annual Top 20 list, spending plans for any budget, and the very best 21 year old scotches on the market. We’ll also teach you how to integrate peaty whisky at the dinner table and help you plan whisky-centric trips to Brooklyn and Minneapolis. Plus, the Buying Guide has over 115 new whisky reviews.

Fall 2021: Bourbon’s New Heights

Brush up on your bourbon knowledge as we go deep into America’s native spirit, highlighting emerging whisky makers and trends, the rise in auction prices, delicious pairing opportunities, and more. We also turn to Texas to check in with the state’s growing whisky presence, jet down to Miami for some beachside drams, and cozy up with our favorite whisky games. Plus, the Buying Guide has over 130 new whisky reviews.

Summer 2021: Irish Whiskey Blossoms

Dive into the world of Irish Whiskey as we spotlight four emerging trends within the style, get up to date on the new Japanese whisky regulations and what they mean for drinkers, and rock out with heavy metal musicians crafting their own special drams. Learn how to make summer cocktails using shrubs, grab yourself a Ready to Drink cocktails, and crack open the Buying Guide, which has more than 100 new reviews.

Spring 2021: Whisky’s Hidden Gems

Discover whisky’s best-kept secrets, including 10 under-appreciated single malt scotch distilleries, the growing Nordic whisky scene, and the obscure styles from around the world that you should be drinking. Go foraging for cocktail ingredients, join a distillery tasting club, and crack open the Buying Guide, which has more than 100 new reviews.

Winter 2020: Top 20 & More

The most exciting whiskies of the year are revealed in our annual Top 20 list, with Whisky of the Year standing out among a field of strong contenders. Explore the wide world of single malts beyond Scotland, whip up a delicious treat made with a dram, and find a new bottle to try with the Buying Guide, which has more than 135 new reviews.

Fall 2020: The Big Whisky Issue

It’s time to go big as we take you inside the world’s largest distilleries, explore barrel-proof bourbon and massively peated scotch, and showcase the highest-scoring—and highest-priced—whiskies. Get cocktail recipes and food pairing ideas, learn about the single malts that go into blended scotch, and discover a new favorite whisky in the Buying Guide, which has more than 130 reviews.

Summer 2020: Cocktails Made Simple

Make your best whisky cocktails ever—even when improvising—with tips from professional bartenders in our in-depth guide to the top classics. Meet the fresh faces and creative boundary-pushers of single malt in both Scotland and the U.S. Explore Pittsburgh’s vibrant whiskey scene, and peruse over 130 reviews of bourbon, scotch, and more.

Spring 2020: Black Market Bourbon & More

Dive deep into the bourbon black market, where illegal reselling of in-demand bottles runs rampant, frustrating law enforcement and many whisky lovers. Explore the burgeoning renaissance of Irish single pot still whiskey, and discover the “imposters” that hide in plain sight on the liquor store shelf. Whip up a champagne-whisky cocktail, and meet America’s whiskey-supporting craftspeople.

Special Issue 2020

Whisky is great, but what makes it better? The company of friends. This Special Issue, available on newsstands and delivered as a bonus to Whisky Advocate subscribers, dives deep into the phenomenon of whisky clubs. Draw inspiration from the experiences of numerous diverse clubs across the world, and find tips and resources for starting your own.