Long Pig [Cocktail Recipe]

Nutty orgeat, fresh mint, and lively lemon lend a tiki vibe to this blended scotch cocktail from Zac Sorensen, former bartender at Chicago’s The Violet Hour. The phrase “long pig” is borrowed from Frederick O’Brien’s 1919 travelogue of French Polynesia.

Rejuvenate Your Palate With More Blended Scotch


  • 2 oz. Pig’s Nose blended scotch
  • ¾ oz. orgeat syrup
  • ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • Garnish: a mint sprig and a dash of your favorite bitters (The Violet Hour prefers fig)


Build in a Collins glass with crushed or cracked ice, and garnish with a mint sprig and aromatic bitters.

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