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Bursting with your Favorite Flavors

In the last decade or so, enthusiasts have discovered the beauty of barrel-proof whisky. Sometimes known as “cask-strength,” it’s exactly what it claims to be: whisky bottled straight from the barrel with no water added. While aging times and locations will cause fluctuations in the final reading, most barrel-proof whiskies will check in somewhere around 110 to 130 proof.

Barrel-proof whisky is packed with aroma, flavor, and especially texture, with a chewy, almost oily mouthfeel. If you typically enjoy lower-proof whisky, these might sound too hot to handle, but you always have the ability to add water to cool it down a bit.

Maker’s Mark® Cask Strength
Caramel, honey, marzipan, cotton candy, cinnamon, and clove | 54.35%

Laphroaig® 10 Year Cask Strength
Signature peat, iodine and salty flavors, with rich vanilla and a long finish | 58% 

Booker’s® Bourbon 2021-03 “Bardstown Batch”
Vanilla, brown sugar, and baking spice with a warm finish | 63.95%

Alberta® Premium Cask Strength Rye
Caramel, vanilla, chocolate, black currant, spice, and dark fruit | 63.7%

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