The Great American Bourbon Tasting

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America’s Distinctive Spirit Examined

Despite the numerous requirements that make bourbon a “distinctive product” of the United States, there’s still plenty of room for diversity within the category. All bourbon must be made from at least 51% corn, but the secondary grains used, the ratio of the mashbill, and years of aging in the barrel can make for radical differences in aroma, flavor, and texture. “High-rye” bourbons offer spiciness, while “wheated” bourbons are beloved for their sweet, inviting character. New charred oak barrels are another requirement, meaning, essentially, the older the age statement, that more rich caramel, vanilla, and, oak spice will be released from the wood. The following show the incredible breadth of our country’s most beloved spirit.

Knob Creek® 9 Year Old
Rich, sweet, woody, fruity, with oak, vanilla, and caramel | 50%

Basil Hayden® 10 Year Old
Oak, vanilla and rye, then caramel sweetness and more rye spice | 40%

Maker’s Mark® Original
Floral, toffee, caramel, roasted almonds, vanilla, and fruity essences | 45%

Baker’s® Bourbon Single Barrel
Blackberries, dried fruits, licorice, and cinnamon | 56.6%

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