9 Beautiful Decanters to Showcase Your Whisky

Unlike wine, there’s no practical reason to decant whisky or other spirits. It’s a purely aesthetic choice—an easy way to dress up that boring budget bottle on your bar. Whether your taste leans traditional or modern, glass is the ideal material, as it allows the whisky’s hue to shine through. Decanters are also de rigueur among whisky lovers who dabble in the art of home blending. What better way to show off a house blend that’s clearly a winner?

All photos by Jeff Harris

Orrefors Erik—$99

Part of a collection showcasing straight lines, the Erik decanter by Orrefors is comes in a set with two tumblers, and can personalized with engraving or monogramming.

Tom Dixon Tank in Copper—$150

The Tank whiskey decanter is mouth-blown and highlighted by hand-painted copper detailing. The Tank line includes other glassware and tableware, allowing you to fill out the set.

Glencairn Pot Still—£63

Fashioned in the shape of a pot still, this decanter is made by the same company that crafts the iconic Glencairn glass, which is used by Whisky Advocate’s tasting panel and found at every WhiskyFest.

Nachtmann Sculpture—$180

The Sculpture series is based on geometry, combining patterned and un-patterned surfaces to reflect different light. The set comes with a decanter and two tumblers, and the series includes other glassware as well.

West Elm Pyramid—$39

This contemporary decanter is designed in the sleek shape of a pyramid, and is made from crystalline glass. For $12 more, you can add a custom monogram.

Nude Glass Alba (Short)—$404

The heavy-bottomed short Alba decanter is made from lead-free crystal and features a marble stopper. As the name suggests, there is also a tall version available at the same price.

Simon Pearce Ludlow

You can’t have whisky without wood, and the Ludlow decanter calls that to mind with its mixed-media materials, placing a handblown glass vessel atop a walnut stand.

Decicio in Antique Gray

Crafted by hand, this decanter features a diamond design and a stopper with 24-karat gold leaf. Decicio Glass also sells glasses with similar designs if you want to create a matched set.

Vista Alegre Fenix—$895

Winner of a design award, the Fenix is an intricately created decanter whose construction incorporates sandblast engraving, blow and injection techniques, and 20.6-karat gold paint.

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