Fall 2020 Editors’ Choice: Wild Turkey, Knob Creek, M&H

In each issue of Whisky Advocate, the editors select three whiskies that we consider the most impressive, considering score, price, and availability. For Fall 2020, our Editors’ Choice whiskies include Kentucky straight rye, 12 year old bourbon, and an Israeli single malt.

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Standout whiskies from fall 2020

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel-Proof Kentucky Straight Rye
94 points, 56.1% ABV, $60

Complex from the start, with a nose of roasted nuts and dark fruit—blueberry pie, grape jelly—along with bundled herbs, fresh-brewed iced tea, and weathered barn boards. Mint, cinnamon, pepper, concord grape jelly, peanuts, and black tea swirl on the palate, which is full and robust thanks to the absence of chill-filtration. Without water it finishes hot, but the oak, roasted nut, and tiramisu flavors help retain balance. —Susannah Skiver Barton

Knob Creek 12 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon
93 points, 50% ABV, $60

Coca-Cola, rich spice, dark chocolate, roasted walnuts, licorice root, maple syrup, Luxardo cherries, and varnish on the nose. Without water, the palate is chewy and full of puckering tannins; add a few drops to unleash dark chocolate, candied ginger, cooked berries, tea leaf, walnuts in maple syrup, black pepper, and a hint of orange oil. The lengthy finish offers chocolate-covered cherries, black tea leaves, and white pepper. Layered and engaging. —Susannah Skiver Barton

M&H Classic Israeli Single Malt
91 points, 46% ABV, $60

This kosher whisky has abundant flavors from both the bourbon and shaved, toasted, and re-charred (STR) casks. Golden syrup, caramel, pastry, vanilla, and marshmallow on the nose with floral top notes, hints of dried apple, and bold nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper. A firm, juicy-sweet palate with caramel, vanilla, shortbread, honey, orange, nectarine, pepper, nougat, and almond. The finish is short, sweet, and lightly spiced. —Jonny McCormick

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