6 Top-Shelf Mixers to Complement Your Whisky

We all welcome that rare guest who’s able to happily mingle with others. Likewise, a whisky mixer with personality really enlivens an evening compared to yet another dull soda or ho-hum ginger ale. These sodas and cocktail ingredients are so tasty and original they might end up being the life of your whisky party.

Put some pep in your cocktail with these top-shelf whisky toppers

Bittermilk Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned—$20/250 ml
Tastes like: Gingersnaps and root beer-like earthiness; gentian root and cinchona bark lend bitterness, balancing golden cane sugar, orange peel, and spices.
Mix this: An elevated Old Fashioned, using high-proof rye or bourbon such as Wild Turkey 101.

Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock—$6.50/750 ml
Tastes like: A medicinal yet balanced blend of fermented ginger root extract, beet sugar, pear juice concentrate, and other herbal infusions.
Mix this: Herbal intensity pairs well with big caramel flavors of a high-proof bourbon.

Fentimans Ginger Beer—$6.50/750 ml
Tastes like: Bright, balanced, and pleasingly herbal. The bite of Chinese ginger root and botanicals is spicy yet refreshing.
Mix this: A Kentucky Mule (bourbon and ginger). Splash it on your everyday bourbon with ice and lime.

Fever-Tree Smoky Ginger Ale—$6/4-pack of 200 ml bottles
Tastes like: Smoky bacon with a rich palette of gingers that are earthy and chocolaty.
Mix this: Match the smoke with a peated single malt scotch or contrast with the honey sweetness of Dewar’s White Label.

Q Mixers Tonic Water—$6/4-pack of 6.7 oz. bottles
Tastes like: Crisp, light, and highly carbonated. Markedly well-balanced with subtle bitterness and citrus notes.
Mix this: Top off a bold blended scotch like Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend.

Regatta Craft Mixers Pacific Sea Salt Club Soda—$7/4-pack of 8.45 oz. cans
Tastes like: Dry, clean, and crisp, with exhilarating effervescence and the perfect hint of salt.
Mix this: A classic Highball—whisky, soda, ice, and a gentle stir.

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