The Best Bourbons for $20 or Less

Don’t have anything more than an Andrew Jackson in your pocket? Don’t worry. Bourbon offers value that few other whiskies can match, meaning 20 bucks is enough to secure a weekend-worthy bottle. Many of these whiskies ring in at a few dollars cheaper as well, leaving room for a checkout aisle purchase to pair with your pour.

Drink Well for Less With These Bargain Bourbons

Evan Williams 1783—86 points, $20
Nutter Butters, hazelnut, nutmeg, and vanilla, with hints of roasted nuts.

Evan Williams Bottled in Bond—86 points, $18
Lightly toasted oak, brown sugar, and butterscotch, with a fun maltiness, concentrated caramel, and slight hints of cinnamon.

Evan Williams—84 points, $15
Nice balance of honeyed vanilla, caramel, soft oak, with hints of summer fruits and creamy coconut on both the nose and palate. (Commonly referred to as Black Label.)

If You Have A Little More to Spend: The Best Bourbons for $30 or Less

Zackariah Harris—84 points, $12
Cherry juice, stone fruit, toffee, chocolate, and marmalade.

Very Old Barton Bottled in Bond—82 points, $12
Fried-corn salsa, citrus zest, and a hint of butterscotch. A fine bourbon for cocktails.

Weller Special Reserve—82 points, $18
Caramel-forward with hints of watermelon, fresh-baked bread, and short bursts of crème brûlée, praline, honey, watermelon Jolly Rancher, and a touch of nutmeg.

Old Grand-Dad—80 points, $17
Cornbread, caramel, vanilla, and earth with a hint of cinnamon roll.

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