5 Products That Will Keep Whisky Drinkers Feeling Clean

It used to be that cleaning up with whisky involved a spill, a wound, or worse. But of all places, whisky is now showing up in the washroom. While whisky toothpaste dates back to the 1950s, long before anyone brushed his or her teeth with a bottle of Jack, these days, you can scrub up, shave, and even deodorize with whisky. If 5 o’clock is too far off in the distance, introduce whisky earlier in the day with these items.

These grooming products add a dash of dram to your daily routine

Pit Liquor: Whisky Deodorant
$8 per 1-oz. spray bottle; $12 per 3.4-oz. bottle

This organic deodorant from Distilled Bath and Body won’t leave you smelling like a bar. With scents like Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, and Whiskey Black Pepper the product is derived from high-proof whiskey but gives off other aromas. Creators Jason and Erica Feucht raised over $19,000 on Kickstarter for their, all-natural deodorant, which comes in a number of sizes, starting with a 1-oz. spray bottle for $8. “Because our product is so unusual it takes a lot for people to believe it’s real and it works,” Erica says, adding that their audience ranges from whiskey fans to organic-minded moms.

Daneson Single Malt No. 16: Scotch Toothpicks
$36 per 4-bottle pack; 12 toothpicks per pack

If you’re at a dinner party and need to drive home, you can still enjoy the flavor of Islay single malt scotch without any of the alcohol. Made of birch and infused with scotch from an unnamed Islay distillery, these high-class utensils make dental hygiene a much more enjoyable process than usual. Four-bottle packs go for $36.

Duke Cannon: Bourbon Soap
$9.50 per 10-oz. bar; $30 per 4-pack of bars

Want to smell like whiskey 24 hours a day without the bar tab? Pick up a different type of bar: the Big American Bourbon Soap. It’s made with Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon for that crucial oak barrel scent. The soap also has small bits of corn—bourbon’s primary grain—so you can exfoliate like a Kentucky distilling master.

Strong ‘N Scottish: Scotch Aftershave
$30 per 100ml. bottle

From German retailer Meissner Tremonia comes the Strong ‘N Scottish line of before-and-after shaving products. The company uses simple scotch whisky, calling it “a great sin to use expensive whisky in soap instead of drinking it.” A 100ml. bottle of aftershave is available at Straight Razor Designs for $30 and advertises a “pungent-smelling scent experience after burned oak wood.”

Commodity: Whisky cologne
$26 for 10 ml.; $105 for 3.5 oz.

Taking its inspiration from American bourbon casks and rare Irish whiskeys, this scent (which does not include actual whiskey) blends mahogany, oak, sage, and cinnamon for a wood-heavy appeal. Created by perfumer Ketrin Leka, it’s cruelty-free and designed for all sexes. Test out a 10 ml. sample for just $26 before committing to a full-size bottle.

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