5 Single Malts From Around the World to Try Now [LIST]

While Scotland is known and loved for its single malt whiskies, other parts of the world are showing some serious chops in the single malt space—producing superb cask finished expressions and also releasing some refined single casks. The results are heady, with rich flavors that highlight their distinct places of origin.

The Summer 2021 Buying Guide features a handful of such worldly single malts, hailing from India, Wales, China, and beyond. Even if you’re an ardent fan of scotch single malts, consider trying one of these, as they give even the most esteemed names from Scotland a run for their money.

5 Worldly Single Malts To Try Now

amrut aatma single cask 661Amrut Aatma Port Pipe Single Cask (No. 4670)
92 points, 56.5%, $190

The color of polished horse chestnuts with the opulent aroma of mature vintage port, this concentrates the fruits around a firm spicy core, with red Twizzlers and a mischievous smirk of hot paprika. Red jelly and black grape flavors tangle with oak tannins, vanilla pod, red apple, clove, black pepper, plain chocolate, and vanilla essence. An almost local-anesthetic effect on the tongue at cask strength, so dilute liberally. (360 bottles) —Jonny McCormick

Penderyn 10 year old Ruby Port Single Cask (PT–178)
91 points, 60.06%, $150

A good single cask pick should stand up proudly at cask strength yet still show plenty of character after dilution: This aged Welsh whisky does both superbly. Aromas of stewed rhubarb, cherry syrup, five spice, fresh oak, ripening black currants, and ground ginger. It opens with sweet flavors of lemon shortbread, vanilla, cherry gummy bears, and raspberry, building to a climax of clove, cinnamon bark, and tannic fruit skins. Don’t miss! —Jonny McCormick

shibui niigata 10 year old pure malt whiskyShibui 10 year old Pure Malt
90 points, 43%, $140

The combination of mature single malts from Lowlands, Scotland and Niigata, Japan that have been double distilled in pot stills works well here. This has a copacetic nose of dry spices, pepper, sandy seashells, and Whoppers, but it’s the comforting, warming flavors—applesauce, cream, malted chocolate-chip cookies, cinnamon, brown sugar, and spiced gingerbread—that really unmask its full potential. —Jonny McCormick

M&H Apex Collection Cognac Cask
89 points, 59.4%, $100

Head distiller Tomer Goren took parcels of bourbon and shaved, toasted, and re-charred (STR) cask whisky and finished them in French Limousin oak cognac casks, delivering a nose of chocolate brownie, mixed baking fruit, and pepper. The palate delivers vanilla essence, malty sweetness, and butterscotch, with young green fruits, toffee, and honeycomb, then concludes with notes of nutmeg and clove just as the mouthfeel develops a luxurious velvety and slightly oily texture. —Jonny McCormick

World Whiskey Society Goalong 5 year old Bourbon Cask Single Malt
86 points, 40%, $150

The first Chinese single malt to be exported to the U.S. Toffee apples, butterscotch haystacks, peonies, and orange wedges on the light and sweet nose. More sweetness on the palate, flowers and fruit undergirded by grain: candied rose petals, citrus peel, vanilla Pudding Pop, green banana, and pencil shavings. The texture is velvety but the flavors don’t leave much of an impression, with a finish of vanilla and sweet oak that’s barely there. (2,884 bottles) —Susannah Skiver Barton

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