4 Craft Cocktail Delivery Services

Sometimes you crave an inventive drink from a craft cocktail lounge, but only have enough ambition to make it in your own kitchen. That’s where home cocktail kits come in. These cocktail subscription services deliver the hard-to-find ingredients, like activated charcoal powder or crystallized edible viola flowers, to make professional-grade cocktails at home. We size up the options, and make certain whisky is in the mix. List updated 4/17/2020

Cocktail Courier delivers cocktail kits as often as weekly on a day of your choice, ideal for Friday happy hour or something special to get you through hump day. Subscribers can elect their favorite spirits and skip any kits they don’t like; limited past kits are available for individual purchase. A good bet for whisky lovers: the Stateside Manhattan ($117), with Westland American Oak single malt, Dolin Rouge vermouth, cocktail cherries, and aromatic bitters. The whisky in the kit may vary depending on your location.

Monthly rate with shipping: $55/6-8 drinks

Crafted Taste serves up both classic and inventive cocktails, curated by top mixologists. The standard subscription includes full-sized bottles of spirits, while a mixer-only option ($100/month) is available. There’s also an extensive a la carte list, featuring drinks like the Scotch Kiss ($150), which includes Naked Grouse blended scotch, Sir Winston’s Spiced simple syrup, DaVinci banana syrup, and El Guapo Tricentennial bitters. A premium version of the kit ($200) also comes with Fonseca Bin 27 Ruby port.

Monthly rate with shipping: $150/12-16 drinks


SaloonBox makes it a double, with two different cocktails each month. There is only a modest upcharge for ordering a la carte, allowing you to focus on whisky-centric features like the Gold Rush—bourbon, tea-infused honey syrup, and bitters. SaloonBox is available in 38 states and ships on a fixed date each month, so a business address is a must for most people to receive them. You need to supply fresh citrus and juices.

Monthly rate with shipping: $53/4 drinks (For three-month prepay option)

Shaker & Spoon delivers the necessary ingredients, including syrups, tinctures, and even fresh citrus, to transform a bottle of spirits into three different drink recipes. You supply the alcohol, however. With no alcohol, these kits are available regardless of where you live, and allow you to choose the spirit that suits your taste—or budget. Subscriptions start with a single month and the thoughtful packaging and trio of cocktails make it a great gift choice, paired with a bottle.

Monthly rate with shipping: $55/12 drinks (no alcohol)

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