3 Whiskey Popsicles to Keep on Ice

Frozen treats are among the most nostalgic of summer eats—cool, refreshing, and suddenly sticky for those who dare to dawdle. But ice pops aren’t just for kids from the hands of Brooklyn freezemeisters People’s Pops. “We are the grand masters of boozy pops,” declares co-founder Joel Horowitz. Taking their inspiration from seasonal farmers’ markets and savory cocktails, People’s Pops offers inventive icy treats, many designed for legal drinking age lickers.

“When you freeze things you lose the flavor, so you need heightened flavors before you freeze, which makes whiskey, especially younger whiskeys, perfect for a pop,” says Horowitz, who is partial to rye. You’ll find the alcohol-infused varieties of People’s Pops for sale at New York’s Chelsea Market and served at the rooftop bar of the Conrad New York Hotel. Or, grab some sticks and whiskey and get to work on these delicious recipes that are fit to chill.

Spiked Peach Sweet Tea Pops

Introduce some peachiness to your bourbon or rye with this sweet treat.

Get the Recipe: Spiked Peach Sweet Tea Pops

Strawberry Old-Fashioned Pops

A classic whiskey cocktail gets a fruity and frozen update.

Get the Recipe: Strawberry Old-Fashioned Pops

Blackberry Sour Pops

With blackberries, lime juice, and sugar—plus bourbon or rye—these pops balance sour, sweet, and acidity.

Get the Recipe: Blackberry Sour Pops

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