Taste Your Way Around The World With These 14 Whiskies

The world of whisky is ever expanding, with new expressions, distilleries, and brands popping up each month. While offerings from the U.S., Scotland, Ireland, and Canada account for the majority of bottles, there are dozens of other countries now producing whisky in a variety of styles. If you’re looking to explore the flavors of world whisky, these high-quality recommendations from the Whisky Advocate Buying Guide are a great place to start.


Rampur Single Malt—93 points, $65
Chocolate, coffee, and red berry fruits, with hints of exotic spice.


Pür Geist—92 points, $50
Soft on the palate. Lychee, melon, and vinous notes turn spicy on the finish.


Yoichi Single Malt—92 points, $80
Earthy peat, briny seashells, and citrus are silky smooth on the palate.

Fukano 2017 Edition—90 points, $80
Light and candied, with watermelon and peach, but dry on the finish.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony—90 points, $65
Poised and complex, yet delicate, with bright fruit and a touch of smoke.


Kavalan Classic—90 points, $75
Fresh and clean, with exotic spice and exquisite wood influence.


Starward—87 points, $60
Modern in style, like Nutella on hot toast, with sweet, malty drive.


Sierra Norte Yellow—90 points, $50
Fresh and fruity. Orange marmalade and honey. Impressive for 10 months old.


The English Original—89 points, $75
Gentle in style, with poached pear, melon, and custard tart.


Reisetbauer 12 year old—87 points, $121
Apple and plum meet peppermint and menthol before a wash of spices.


Spirit of Hven Tycho’s Star—87 points, $132
Light and juicy; citrus peel and banana flavors finish with a surge of chocolate.


William Wolf Rye—87 points, $35
Citrus and tropical fruit sweetness is swept up in peppery spices.

South Africa

Bain’s Cape Mountain Grain—85 points, $30
Sweet and decadent, with a confectionery mix of fudge, toffee, and butterscotch.


Brenne 10 year old 2016 Release—85 points, $100
Fruity and vinous, with honeydew, poached pear, and French oak spice.

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