Why You Should Attend A Seminar at WhiskyFest

We’re passionate about whisky education around here—see Whisky 101, for example. And WhiskyFest, our national event series, is equal parts enjoyment and education. That’s why each WhiskyFest event includes a range of seminars on trending whisky-related topics. Sure, you can walk the floor the whole time, trying whiskies and getting more than your money’s worth of incredible drams. But if you’re attending WhiskyFest, sitting in on an evening seminar is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

5 Reasons to Attend a WhiskyFest Seminar

1. They’re free!

Access to all seminars is included in the cost of your ticket. All you have to do is arrive at the room in time to get a seat. You can attend as many seminars as you’re able: Most WhiskyFest events offer 12 seminars a night, spread across three time slots.

2. Information comes straight from the source.

Master distillers, master blenders, and other industry insiders lead all WhiskyFest seminars. They have expertise developed over years in the business, and they can answer even the most obscure questions. Seminar sizes are around 60 to 65 people, but can be as small as 30 people, so you’ll have the chance to talk one-on-one with the expert at the front of the room.

3. You’ll discover something you never knew.

Even if you are a whisky pro, chances are good that there’s a seminar on a whisky or topic that’s new to you. The world of whisky is ever expanding, and WhiskyFest presenters tackle the hottest trends and topics. Seminars change from year to year and from event to event—so even if you attend WhiskyFest in multiple cities, you’ll have a choice of subjects that are new.

4. It’s a great way to recharge.

We want you to make the most of your WhiskyFest experience, but three or four hours strolling from table to table tasting amazing whiskies can be fatiguing. Seminars provide the perfect respite to rest and recharge before returning to the ballroom. You’ll be tasting whisky and mingling with other whisky lovers in a friendly and intimate setting. And at the end of the 45-minute seminar, you’ll have your second wind and be ready to get back out there to the floor!

5. You may encounter surprise whiskies.

Every seminar includes several pours of whisky to help illustrate the topics being discussed. Sometimes this includes a rare or special whisky, like a barrel sample, an upcoming new release, or even an antique bottle that’s decades old. You’ll likely taste whiskies that are not being poured on the floor, and possibly some that few other people in the world have tried.

Excited? Get information about upcoming WhiskyFest events here. Seminar information is updated in the weeks leading up to the event, but WhiskyFest tickets often sell out early, so if you’re planning to attend, purchase your tickets now!

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