Whisky Podcasts and Shows to Stream from Home

The Internet is like the whisky world in that there’s always something new to check out. Once you’ve read all of Whisky Advocate’s features, how-to guides, and other stories—and watched all our videos—if you’re still looking for more whisky media, check out these podcasts, YouTube channels, and streaming-service content from distilleries, brands, and fellow whisky lovers. We’ll continuously update this list as we learn about new content—if we’ve missed your favorite show, let us know!

Podcasts About Whisky

A Story of Irish Whiskey
The title says it all—this is a journey through the history of the Emerald Isle’s whiskey business.

Blue Collar Bourbon
This podcast puts an emphasis on affordable whiskies, which the hosts taste blind in each episode.

Bourbon and Bloodshed
With new episodes every other week, this podcast pairs whisky with true crime stories.

The Bourbon Daily
Lighthearted and informative chat about bourbon abounds on this podcast, with episodes released every day of the week.

The Bourbon Lens
Friends Jake, Michael, and Scott aim to develop a deep knowledge of bourbon, which they drink during their discussions.

The Bourbon Life
Hosts Mark and Matt showcase different elements of bourbon, including interviews and reviews.

Bourbon Pursuit
This podcast covers the world of bourbon, with interviews with industry icons, deep dives into production, and more.

The Bourbon Road
Veterans Jim and Mike share glasses of bourbon while interviewing guests, from celebrities to whisky experts.

The Bourbon Show
From bourbon news to interviews with people in the whisky business, The Bourbon Show tackles the world of bourbon.

Dads Drinking Bourbon
Two Nashville fathers taste whiskies blind and interview the behind-the-scenes people of the whisky world.

The Dead Men of Whiskey
This podcast launched in June 2020 and takes a deep look into the lives of famous whiskey names such as George Dickel and Clyde May. Its first episodes explore bottled in bond whiskey, James E. Pepper, and Jack Daniel.

The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast
Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail encompasses eight Speyside distilleries as well as The Speyside Cooperage. Speyside resident Eleanor Bradford hosts this podcast, which takes listeners on a journey through the trail’s locations.

One Nation Under Whisky
Hosted by Joshua Hatton and Jason Johnstone-Yellin of Single Cask Nation, this podcast features interviews with whisky industry insiders, such as master blenders and distillers.

Scotch 4 Dummies
Four friends talk about the scotch industry, taste whisky, and more on this weekly podcast.

Single Malt Matters
Hosted by Washington state native Matt Drew, this podcast is devoted solely to American Single Malt with guests like Matt Hoffman of Westland and Amanda Beckwith and Greg Goodson from Virginia Distillery Co.

Sips, Suds, & Smokes
These hosts discuss and rate a range of beverages—including whisky.

The PodCask: A Podcast About Whiskey
This podcast is a dive into the culture, history, and enjoyment of whisky.

This is My Bourbon Podcast
Lexington, Kentucky native Perry Ritter chats with guests to explore the business, culture, and community of the bourbon world.

Two Guys Drinking Whiskey
It’s always nice to enjoy a dram with friends, and this podcast embraces that, with its hosts imbibing together and reviewing whiskies, cocktails, and more.

Whiskey Amateurs
In this weekly podcast, host Paul Ewing and fellow whisky fans chat and perform a blind tasting competition, with one whisky being crowned the winner in each episode.

Whiskey Tangent
A host of whiskies and topics concerning the spirit are discussed in each episode.

This in-depth weekly podcast by veteran journalist Mark Gillespie covers news, events, and interviews with whisky experts.

Whisky Ginger with Andrew Santino
Comedian Andrew Santino interviews friends in the entertainment industry while sharing a dram with them.

Whisky Snobs of Lower MoCo
Friends and whisky enthusiasts Aaron, Adam, and Jesse broadcast their tastings from lower Montgomery County, Maryland.

Whisky Talk
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s podcast explores all things whisky, including the people who make it, where it comes from, and its history.

The Whisky Topic
This weekly podcast embraces casual conversation about whisky, hosted by Mark Bylok, author of The Whisky Cabinet, and Jamie Johnson, who runs a Toronto-based bourbon club.

Whisky Unscripted Podcast
Ian Macleod Distillers started this podcast in April 2020, which aims to take a dive into the whisky world, including brands under the Ian Macleod ownership, such as Glengoyne and Tamdhu.

Streaming Service Whisky Content

The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky—Prime Video
This series takes audiences on an adventure through Scotland, with whisky as its focus.

Neat: The Story of Bourbon—Hulu
Featuring many of Kentucky’s distillers and other whiskey professionals, this 2018 documentary takes a deep dive into the world of bourbon.

Scotch: A Golden Dream—Hulu
This 2018 documentary takes an intimate look at scotch, from the science of production to the beautiful land where it’s made.

Independent Whisky YouTube Channels

Various whisky experts and distillers are featured on this channel, which also includes reviews.

It’s Bourbon Night
Hosts Chad and Sara walk audiences through the world of bourbon and rye.

Scotch Test Dummies
Hosts Bart and Scott review scotch and exchange comedic banter.

Whiskey Tribe
Rex and Daniel, who also host Whiskey Vault, make videos for Whiskey Tribe, the whisky fan community they created.

Whisk(e)y Vault
Hosts Rex and Daniel review whiskies and share insights on the whisky world.

Notable Brand YouTube Channels

A few years ago, the single malt scotch brand created the series Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain, where Bourdain tours the U.S. to celebrate craftspeople of all sorts.

Chivas Regal
The blended scotch brand’s channel is home to many videos, including Chivas Regal x Javier Bardem, where the actor explores the whisky and the people behind it.

Compass Box
Compass Box founder and whisky maker John Glaser delves into the myths and truths of scotch in the series Whisky School.

When Dewar’s launched its Double Double line, the brand commissioned actress Tuppence Middleton to created a four-part noir short film, titled FOUR.

Jim Beam
Jim Beam’s series The Refreshionals showcases professionals that keep you cool—air conditioning techs, pool professionals, and refrigerator professionals.

The Poetic Opinions series shares videos of people expressing their thoughts on Laphroaig via their chosen method—poetry.

In The Macallan Masters of Photography series, viewers are introduced to acclaimed photographers, such as Steven Klein and Annie Leibovitz.

My Tales of Whisky Official
Diageo partnered with actor and known whisky lover Nick Offerman to create YouTube videos, including one where Offerman sips Lagavulin in front of a fireplace for 45 minutes.

Rabbit Hole
In the Raise a Glass series, Rabbit Hole introduces audiences to various chefs, and puts a spotlight on their lives outside the kitchen.

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