What Whisky Glass Should I Use?

Does the glass you use matter? It certainly does if it’s not clean and clear; wash your whisky glasses with hot water and plenty of brushing, then allow them to drip dry. But does the size and shape matter? Does it even have to be glass? There are new whisky glasses every month, it seems, all trading on scientific guesswork about what concentrates the aromas. Which one should you use?

We use Glencairn glasses. The glass will make a difference; minimize that by using the same glass. It should be clear and uncolored, and wide enough to allow aromas to escape the whisky, high enough to swirl. A stem or a thick base will let you warm the whisky or not, by choice.

That’s not what I use when I’m “just” drinking whisky. I go for the solid feel of a low, heavy Old-Fashioned glass. It can take a cube, or works well without, and there’s no chimney to catch your nose. And I can always make an Old-Fashioned!

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