Top 10 Whiskies From the Spring 2017 Buying Guide

The Spring 2017 issue—on newsstands now—features the latest award-winning whiskies chosen by our tasting panel. It also has reviews and ratings for over 100 whiskies. Here are the top 10 highest-scoring bottles.

10. Spice Tree Extravaganza—93 points, $140

Fans of Compass Box’s standard Spice Tree won’t want to miss this revved-up limited edition.

9. Sheep Dip Islay Blended Malt—93 points, $60

If you love Islay malts and can’t choose a favorite, this blended malt means that now you don’t have to.

8. Ohishi Single Sherry Cask (cask 1257)—93 points, $75

Dip your toe into the rice whisky category with this heavily sherried example: it may rock your world (or at least the boat).

7. Masterson’s 10 year old Rye (batch PSF3)—93 points, $89

One of two batches that made the list, this 100% rye is distilled in Canada and then finished in French oak barrels in California.

6. Kavalan Solist Moscatel Cask—93 points, $599

Similar in style to PX sherry, Moscatel imparts honeyed, nutty, and coffee flavors onto the single malt.

5. Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash (bottle 108)—94 points, $5,000

Blending three barrels each of bourbon and rye, it’s the only American whiskey on this list, and it’s a stunner.

4. Kavalan Solist Amontillado Cask, 94 points, $599

Deemed “the best of the bunch” among Kavalan’s single sherry cask bottlings, this one has more citrus and ripe fruit.

3. Black Bull 40 year old, 7th Release—94 points, $1,400

Made up of 86% single malts from nine distilleries, including Macallan and Bowmore, plus 14% grain whiskies from 7 distilleries, you have to taste it to believe it.

2. Masterson’s 10 year old Rye (batch PSA3)—95 points, $89

“Lusty rye spices and ethereal honeysuckle” await you.

1. Chivas Regal Ultis—96 points, $160

The brand’s first blended malt has flavors of tangerine, gingersnaps, Brazil nuts, and cinnamon.

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