Spring 2022 Editors’ Choice: Barrell, Waterford, Ammunition

In each issue of Whisky Advocate, the editors select three whiskies they consider to be the most impressive, based on score, price, and availability. For Spring 2022, our Editors’ Choice selections include a cask strength bourbon, an Irish single malt, and a cabernet sauvignon-finished bourbon.

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Barrell New Year Cask Strength Bourbon (2022 Edition)
92 points, 57.67%, $90

Licorice, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, raspberry jelly, fragrant wild herbs, whiffs of polished oak, and a hint of bubble gum on the nose. The palate offers strawberry shortcake, allspice, ground chile pepper, and bitter espresso. Water brings out more peppery spice and dark chocolate. Excellent length on the finish, with semi-sweet chocolate cake, plum tart, cherry coulis, and savory spice at the back. Spicy, rich, lively, and flavorful. (18,000 bottles)—David Fleming

Waterford The Cuvée
91 points, 50%, $105

Crisp red apple, tangerine peel, lime zest, pink stems of rhubarb, green banana, and hints of gooseberry make for a fruity proposition; in fact, one of the freshest whiskeys I’ve ever nosed. Apple remains the core flavor, with pepper, clove, ginger, aniseed, fudge sweetness, and a final flourish of red berries. Water coaxes out watermelon juiciness and mollifies the spices, turning this into a delectably refreshing sipper. (10,000 bottles for the U.S.)—Jonny McCormick

Ammunition Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Finished Bourbon
90 points, 45%, $50

Sweet lemon drops and key lime pie on a fruit-forward nose, with hints of licorice and fragrant oak. Water brings out vanilla, bitter cherry, and sweeter notes of fruit cocktail. Spice and sweetness on the palate—and finish—of vanilla cream, citrus, and red berry notes, plus cinnamon cake, allspice, and coffee, balanced with pleasant oak and earthiness. Well made, with pronounced but balanced and well-integrated flavors. (120,000 bottles)—David Fleming

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