Taste Ireland’s Signature Style With These 14 Whiskeys [LIST]

Irish single pot still whiskey—which ruled the world in the 19th century and then nearly vanished into history in the 20th—is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the continued growth of Irish whiskey at large. As more distilleries open across Ireland, many are embracing this uniquely Irish style, with impressive results. From newcomers like Teeling and Kilbeggan to single pot still mainstays like Redbreast, the category is thriving, and consistently earning high marks from the Whisky Advocate tasting panel, as these whiskeys prove.

Best of Breed: Single pot still whiskeys to try now

Redbreast 12 year old—96 points, $60
Toffee, toasted marshmallow, banana bread, maple syrup, and a hint of toasted coconut.


Redbreast 21 year old—96 points, $304
Spice, dark cherry, and berries, with a delightful wood influence throughout.


Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy—95 points, $258
Caramel, dates, treacle, pot still spice, fleeting green apple, vanilla, and cinnamon.


Powers John’s Lane 12 year old—94 points, $91
Slightly fermented Bramley apples, oolong tea, green banana, spices.


Kilbeggan Single Pot Still—93 points, $45
Orange, apricot, cake, vanilla, and fizzing pot still spices.


Redbreast Lustau—93 points, $69
Fruit, oak, walnut, spices, red berries, apples, and marzipan.


Powers Three Swallow—92 points, $52
Marmalade, sugared almonds, golden barley, citrus, green apple, and spice.


Redbreast 15 year old—92 points, $108
Silky, with oak spice, nutty toffee, fig, black raspberry, chocolate, and chewy nougat.


Green Spot—91 points, $66
Vanilla, butterscotch, and creamy rice pudding sprinkled with nutmeg.


Green Spot Chateau Montelena—91 points, $95
Ripe red apple, damson, zested orange, and lemon envelop pot still spices.


Red Spot—91 points, $140
Cooked apple and blackberry with brown sugar, cherry, hazelnut, and allspice.


Teeling Single Pot Still—91 points $65
Apple, pear, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, ground almond, and caramel.


Glendalough Single Cask Pot Still (Batch 1)—90 points, $55
Creamy, with caramel, dried apple, clove, and pepper.


Yellow Spot—89 points, $105
Sweet, with nutmeg, clove, bitter nut oils, and burnt toast.

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