New Scotch Distilleries Share Their Plans For Single Malt

By our calculations, thirteen 21st century Scotch whisky distilleries could have whiskies ready to graduate to the bottle* in 2018 (or shortly before), but will they pass the test? At the top of our list are the resurgent distillers in the Scottish Lowlands, with others scattered across the Highlands, Islands, and Speyside. We asked every distiller to tell Whisky Advocate their plans for their inaugural releases, including their expected U.S. debut. We assess the future of Scottish whisky, and those that might be held back.

*New spirit filled into oak can legally be called Scotch whisky after 3 years.

Annandale Distillery—Lowland

Under the guidance of the late Dr. Jim Swan, peated and unpeated spirit was laid down at this restored historic distillery in Dumfries & Galloway.
First spirit run: November 2014
First single malt available: Cask #2014/001 of Man o’Words unpeated whisky was bottled on November 15, 2017, the day it turned 3 years old, with peated whisky following later.
U.S. debut: 2018

Arbikie Distillery—Highland

Owned by the fourth generation of the Stirling family, Arbikie takes a traditional approach to farming and the distillation of homegrown artisanal spirits.
First spirit run: August 2015
First single malt available: 2029
U.S. debut: 2029

Ardnamurchan Distillery—Highland

The pride and joy of independent bottler Adelphi, this westerly distillery with strong environmental credentials has been releasing tasty expressions of its maturing spirit since 2016.
First spirit run: 2014
First single malt available: 2020-2021
U.S. debut: 2020-2021

Ballindalloch Distillery—Speyside

A new landmark in Speyside, Prince Charles opened this single-estate distillery built by the Macpherson-Grants on the grounds of Ballindalloch Castle.
First spirit run: 2014
First single malt available: 2023
U.S. debut: Undetermined

Daftmill Distillery—Lowland

A farm distillery run seasonally by the Cuthbert brothers, using their own malted barley. Twelve years in, we’re still waiting patiently on this enigmatic distiller—but not for much longer.
First spirit run: 2005
First single malt available: Daftmill signed a distribution agreement with Berry Bros. & Rudd in late 2017, but has not yet set a date for its first release.
U.S. debut: Undetermined

Dalmunach Distillery—Speyside

This spectacular Chivas Brothers distillery has eight Forsyths-built copper pot stills capable of producing ten million liters of alcohol per year.
First spirit run: 2014
First single malt available: None planned; output is currently used for Chivas Brothers’ blends.
U.S. debut: None planned

Eden Mill—Lowland

A pocket-sized distillery and brewery built by Paul Miller inside a former paper mill near St Andrews; Eden Mill hopes to be the first to return single malt whisky to the area in over 150 years.
First spirit run: 2014
First single malt available: December 2017 (1,600 sets of five 50ml expressions will be available); full bottles in June 2018
U.S. debut: September 2018

Glasgow Distillery Co.—Lowland

Scotland’s most metropolitan distillery has been experimenting with maturing their spirit in bourbon, sherry, port, Sauternes, and Madeira casks.
First spirit run: 2014
First single malt available: September 2018
U.S. debut: 2019

InchDairnie Distillery—Lowland

A thoroughly efficient modern distillery; a single malt release could be over a decade away as they carefully assess maturing stocks.
First spirit run: December 2015
First single malt available: Undetermined
U.S. debut: Undetermined

Isle of Harris Distillery—Island

While we wait for Hearach single malt, this sociable distillery on the Outer Hebrides has become the heart of the community in Tarbert.
First spirit run: 2015
First single malt available: 2020
U.S. debut: 2021

Kingsbarns Distillery—Lowland

The brainchild of former golf caddie Doug Clements and owned by Wemyss Malts, Kingsbarns will give their Founders’ Club members access to the single malt three months ahead of the general release.
First spirit run: November 2014
First single malt available: September 2018
U.S. debut: September 2018

Roseisle Distillery—Speyside

When it opened in 2010, Diageo’s ten-million liter, fourteen-still Roseisle was the largest new scotch distillery in decades. Although it hasn’t been released as a single malt, Roseisle distillate features as a component whisky in the Diageo Special Releases 2017 Collectivum XXVIII blended malt and Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Wine Cask Blend.
First spirit run: 2010
First single malt available: None planned
U.S. debut: None planned

Strathearn Distillery—Highland

Located near Perthshire, Strathearn claims that it is “probably” Scotland’s smallest distillery. This fall, two extremely limited single cask bottlings were sold through its website, following a small auction of 3 year old in 2016.
First spirit run: 2013
First single malt available: December 2016
U.S. debut: Undetermined

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