Halcyon [Cocktail Recipe]

As the football season progresses, the tailgating temperatures start to nosedive. Combat the chill with this drink created by chef Paul MacDonald, an Eagles fan, for Friday Saturday Sunday in Philadelphia, Pa.

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  • 2 oz. Old Grand-Dad bottled in bond bourbon (or other high-proof bourbon)
  • ¼ oz. blackstrap molasses
  • ¼ oz. Fernet-Branca
  • 1 mug chamomile tea
  • 1 strip lemon peel
  • 1 thin apple slice


Combine bourbon, molasses, and Fernet-Branca in a pre-warmed mug. Top with piping hot chamomile tea (about 4-5 oz., as your mug allows).

Express and discard a strip of lemon peel to aromatize, and float a thin slice of apple on top.

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