Fall 2018 Collectibles: Royal Salute, Samaroli, Old Forester

There’s your everyday bar, and then there’s the glass cabinet where the special bottles reside. Those who are serious about collecting whisky should keep an eye out year-round, and we do the same, choosing three whiskies from each Buying Guide that generally are limited releases and show the most potential to gain in value. For all whiskies reviewed in the Fall 2018 issue, visit our Buying Guide.

Royal Salute 28 year old Kew Palace Edition Blended Scotch
95 points, 40% ABV, $790

Fresh spring floral bouquets, white peach, and nectarine tumble with sweet caramel, dried cherry, white chocolate, fresh linen notes, and vanilla cake batter. Silky smooth with fresh summer fruits, the strong peppery spices push to the fore, but this is nimble, graceful, and displays a real lightness. Compelling, captivating blending for the Flask Collection by Sandy Hyslop, this has a fragrance you could enjoy all night. —Jonny McCormick

Samaroli Over an Islay Rainbow 2017 Edition Blended Malt Scotch
94 points, 45% ABV, $471

Aromatic with smoke, this lays down thick chocolate ganache, toffee banana, and salted caramel. It bowls you over with chocolate-dipped sultanas, soft melon, and ripe berries ahead of a spicy middle section replete with pepper, coriander, cinnamon, fig rolls, baking chocolate, and a dry finish of cocoa and peppery spices. As blended Islay malts go, pretty special. —Jonny McCormick

Old Forester The President’s Choice Bourbon (Barrel No. 1)
91 points, 55.5% ABV, $90

Lovely concentration of flavors, including whiffs of vanilla cream soda, clover honey, bananas Foster, and a dash of pepper define this selection of barrels by Old Forester president Campbell Brown. Zippy and bright, with lemony verve, peach puree, and warming ginger. The finish smacks of pecan, bitter citrus oil, and peppery spice, with the exquisite oak content in a supporting role. (Available at Old Forester Distillery) —Jeffery Lindenmuth

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