Bourbon Cocktails Perfect for Summer

If whisky tends to get neglected when the weather warms up, a victim of summer cocktail triage, it’s time to listen up, because help has arrived. “Most people correlate dark spirits with winter because they are so warming when sipped, but as drinks like Smashes and Juleps have proven, whisky can easily be converted into a refreshing summer cocktail when using seasonal ingredients,” says Sara Rosales, bar manager at Radiator Whiskey in Seattle. Now, lay back and take a deep sip, as bourbon embraces the summer flavors of juicy peaches, spicy jalapeños, sweet raspberries, and fragrant basil.

Southern Style: Celebrate Summer Basil

With basil, ginger beer, and lemon juice, this cocktail keeps things light and bright.

Get the Recipe: Southern Style

Rockaway Peach: Stone Fruit Fling

Peach slices will play with the natural caramel and vanilla flavors in bourbon.

Get the Recipe: Rockaway Peach

Jalapeño Bizness: Pepper Finds a Soulmmate

This drink is inspired by the light brightness of an Arnold Palmer.

Get the Recipe: Jalapeño Bizness

Jackalope: Bursting with Berries

Bring raspberries back from the farmer’s market and use them here.

Get the Recipe: Jackalope

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