Best Practices for Storing Your Whisky Club’s Bottles

If your whisky club is accumulating a lot of bottles, that’s a great thing—it means more opportunities to gather together for tastings. A problem your club will soon run into, though, is where to store those bottles. Whisky is known for its long shelf life, so figuring out the best way to store your bottles guarantees that you’ll be able to keep enjoying them. Here are some of our tips for maximizing bottle storage for your whisky club.

The Vault

Store bottles securely and protect them from extremes of heat, cold, bright sunlight, and dampness. Smaller clubs may have sufficient space in members’ homes, but larger clubs should invest in a professional storage facility.

The List

As multiple people may have access to the club vault, keep an updated inventory of full and open bottles including distillery, ABV, purchase price, date of club tasting, and the residual volume inside open bottles.

Bottles Up!

Stand all whisky bottles upright so that the high-proof liquid doesn’t take on unwanted flavor from the cork. It’s good practice to turn your whisky bottle on its head every four to six months and let the cork moisten for about 10 seconds.

Mind The Gap

Too much “headspace” (empty air) in an opened bottle can dull the flavor of whisky over time. Fill the space with inert gas, decant into smaller containers, or plastic-wrap the closure to lessen the effects of oxidation.

Drink Up

The number of nearly empty bottles left over after club nights can add up quickly, so get creative and have fun finishing them. Hold competitions and quizzes, auction them off among club members, try your hand at blending, or tip them into an infinity barrel or bottle.

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