6 World Whiskies To Try Now

There’s plenty to explore when it comes to world whiskies. Japan has certainly carved out a distinguished place in whisky lovers’ hearts, but smaller players are also proving their whisky chops. Our Summer 2022 Buying Guide highlights a handful of creations from around the world, each of which tells a story in the glass about where it’s from—places that include Australia, Japan, Iceland, India, and Wales. Take a walk on the worldly side with any one of these top-tier options.

Explore The World With These Whiskies

Amrut Spectrum 004 (India)
92 points, 50%, $195

Licensed to thrill, Amrut finished this single malt in ingenious custom four-wood barrels. It has a deep ruby color with a nose of pomegranate, damson, sloes, black grape, baked apple, and mild spices suggestive of PX influence. It’s time to taste: More rounded than the inaugural Spectrum, this boasts bramble with chocolate, fruit skins, and an intense surge of slightly burnt spices, then semi-sweet chocolate, black currant, and oak.—Jonny McCormick

Penderyn Icons of Wales No. 7 Rhiannon (Wales)
92 points, 46%, $95

This smooth after-dinner dram has a nose that promises black currant mousse, red cherry, malt loaf, bread-and-butter pudding, and marzipan fruits, with just a frisson of baking spices. Executing a fine balance between fruitiness and spice, the palate negotiates a rollercoaster of red berries, fig, clove, cinnamon, black coffee, dark toffee, and milk chocolate, sliding to a halt with pepper-dusted chocolate-dipped berries.—Jonny McCormick

Apogee Pure Malt 12 year (Japan)
90 points, 46.3%, $100

Bimber combines the art of blending with further maturation in their single malt casks for this ongoing batched release. The nose has Kit Kat, maltiness, pecan pie, rich gingerbread, and baked apple, with the ginger complemented by roasted spices. The flavors of baked orange, ginger, pepper, red apple, and red chile build to a climax, ebbing away to a sweet finish of vanilla, apple peel, and residual spiciness.—Jonny McCormick

Myrká 12 year old (Iceland)
90 points, 40%, $50

This delicious blended malt is composed of sourced whiskies blended and bottled in Reykjavik and cut with Icelandic water. The nose is distinctive, with aromas of toffee, malt, chocolate, dried vine fruit, toasted oak, roasted chestnuts, treacle, fig, leather, cinnamon sticks, and peppercorn. Flavors match the nose, with milk chocolate, Nutella, pain au chocolat, chewed leather, treacle loaf, licorice, and chocolate muffin, leading to a lengthy chocolaty finish.—Jonny McCormick

Hye-Land 15 year (Armenia)
87 points, 43%, $50

Fresh-baked bread rises from the glass, warm and inviting, with dried apricots, orange scone, and toasted almonds following closely behind. Tobacco and sun-dappled leather can eventually be coaxed out, making for a softly complex nose. On the palate, vanilla frosting, Honey Nut Cheerios, and cinnamon stick are up first, accompanied by soft oak. The lengthy finish brings back more warm leathery notes, which are welcome.—Jonny McCormick

The Gospel Straight Rye (Australia)
85 points, 45%, $50

Made using 100% Australian-grown unmalted rye. Play-Doh, burlap sack, orange slices, vanilla pudding, seaweed salad, and wax paper on a very grain-forward nose. There is a green quality to the palate, which while well-proofed suggests some youthfulness. Good length on the finish with notes of Andes mints. A new addition to the growing world rye movement that is certainly of a style and place.—Ted Simmons

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